Iwo Jima Day Boston

On Thursday February 19th the detachment participated in the Massachusetts State Iwo Jima Day Memorial Service in Boston.    We mustered in front of the Samuel Adams Statue in Faneuil Hall at 10:30am.  By 11:30 we began to march to the State House for the memorial service.  The route started on Congress Street at Faneuil Hall and turned right onto Court Street where we passed the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans.  The Parade turned left on to Tremont Street and proceeded towards the Boston Common where we turned right, marched up Park Street and then left again onto Beacon Street where the parade fell into formation in front of the State House. Outside the state house there was  a memorial ceremony  with a gun salute of three volleys and then taps.

Following the parade we were invited into the State House to participate in a service honoring the Veterans’ of the Iwo Jima invasion on the 64th anniversary of the landings.

After many speeches and a few awards there was a nice lunch provided followed by two giant sheet cakes decorated with the Marine Corps emblem and a depiction of the flag raising on Iwo Jima.



Marching towards the Boston Common along Tremont Street

Marching towards the Boston Common along Tremont Street




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